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Chey's Reviews: I'm back!

Hello all! I realize it's been close to a full year since I posted any reviews, and well I guess I owe a bit of an explanation. I did post an update on twitter back in January (holy how has it been so long)... that can be found here if you're interested.

Anyway, yes! Update!

So, back in September of last year, I, unfortunately, had an accident and got a serious concussion. I was unable to work on a computer for pretty close to three months. I couldn't work, I couldn't do anything pretty much. And once I finally recovered enough to go back to the day job, there was just no energy for anything else. And thus, reviewing fell by the wayside.

But, I'm pretty much recovered now and caught up on all the life and job stuff, so I'm planning to come back to reviewing. I won't make any promises about how often I'm going to post reviews because honestly, I'm not reading like I used to, but I'll do my best to post reviews, and I have a pretty big backlog. All the reviews that I owe from before will get posted in time! And hopefully, I'll have new books on my tbr pile soon!

Anyway, that's the update, and the plan, and I'm really excited to be back at this point where I feel well enough to do this again.

A large black cat and a tuxedo cat sit together on a table
An unrelated picture of Pazu and Willow as payment for your patience with me. <3

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