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Author Interview - Shannon A. Hiner

Hello dearest friends and enemies!! So, I'm really excited to be here today, with my first ever author interview and to participate in the Theory of Resonance blog tour!

So, pull up a chair and come check out Shannon Hiner's latest release!

And don't forget to scroll to the bottom to read the excerpt, and enter the rafflecopter giveaway, oh and of course to pre-order the book!

Book Blurb:

“Einstein, Edison, Curie, they’re immortal.”

Errin’s eyes took on a new gleam, something that caused her stomach do a strange sort of flip. “Imagine if they had more time.”

She was inexplicably breathless. “Unstoppable…”

She doesn’t believe in the fantastic.

Bree O’Quinn’s life is a strict schedule of college courses, work, and research. The only thing that matters is earning her degree with top marks and going on to cure diseases. She doesn’t have time for distractions. And an attractive young man who’s studying science, has impeccable manners, and seems interested in her? Too good to be true.

He is the fantastic.

Errin Kaye has made his entire immortal life about helping others, and his medical practice has grown over the decades to serve immortals of all species. Lately, his work has put him on the radar of some deadly people, and being his friend isn’t as safe as it once was.

What is magic anyway, but that which hasn’t been explained yet?

Though he’s always tried to stay on his leader’s good side, Errin is no stranger to bending Hadrian’s Laws when it suits him. What’s one more transgression in favor of Bree’s warmth and humanity? But this time, he’s not just gambling with his own life, and when the vampire leader finds out, Bree and Errin face an ultimatum from Hadrian. Is what’s between them love or mere fascination? Is it worth risking everything for? Is it worth dying for?



So, first off, let’s do some introductions. Will you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi! I’m Shannon, I like long walks on the beach, rum drinks, and getting lost in fantasy worlds. Hahaa, seriously, all of that. Plus, I write New Adult Fantasy books about supernatural creatures that I’m not altogether convinced aren’t real. I have a tendency to binge everything from books, to TV, to licorice and I’m the same about writing. I don’t do anything halfway, so when I decided to write a book, it became a series. The series continues to grow like a cancerous cell, so I fear I’m doomed to die buried under a pile of my own manuscripts.

I am okay with this.

For the readers who might not be familiar with your series, would you give us a bit of a crash course in what it’s about?

Sure thing. The Immortal World is a set of standalone novels based in the same world with a series wide plot. Each novel is from the perspective of two new main characters and is about the socio-political machinations of each group of supernatural beings. There are vampires, shapeshifters, werewolves, faeries, and angelics (what humans would call angels.)

As of Theory of Resonance, Hadrian Catane, leader of the vampires, has a new Second in Command after half the vampire leadership was wiped out in a werewolf attack. The Acrien clan of vampires has been nearly decimated and one of their group is missing. A group of rogue shapeshifters are operating a hit operation on the Fraccas clan. The werewolves now have an actual settlement, called “Ladyslocke,” and there are a new set of Fae monarchs in charge.

What you need to know going in: Everyone is on their own side. No body is the “good guy.” Love and good deeds don’t always win the day.

What’s your writing soundtrack like? Is there a song or two that you think really capture the mood of the book (or series) well?

While writing I listen to epic instrumental pieces of music. My favorite artist to write to is Audiomachine. Their albums, and anything from Two Steps From Hell, are incredible for drafting.

I have an individual playlist for each of my novels which I listen to when I’m getting ready to write. For Theory of Resonance the songs that really capture the essence of the book are “Man or a Monster” by Sam Tinnesz feat. Zayde Wølf and “Beautiful Creature” by MIIA. One for each of my point of view characters.

If you could tell your younger writer self anything, what would it be?

Passion is important, but it’s not enough. You’re a procrastinator, so setting deadlines is key. And get yourself a tribe! Other writers who understand and support you, who will help you grow as a writer and a person. Writing is a solitary art, but it doesn't have to be lonely. Oh, and stop rushing everywhere. You’ve got time. Do it right.

So, for this book, do you have a favourite scene?

I’m obsessed with this book, hahaa! It’s a problem. You could name just about any scene from it and I’d reply, “Oh yasss, that’s my favorite!”. (psst... see below for a special teaser excerpt!)

And final question, what’s next after this book?

This winter I’m going to start revising book 6 of The Immortal World, Weaken the Knees, which is about a very different set of characters than Theory of Resonance. It stars Rene Kaplan, a foul-mouthed, standoffish, and emotionally scarred anti-heroine who encounters a group of wily vampire hunters and is put in charge of stopping them.

Weaken the Knees is going to be a pretty special addition to The Immortal World because its timeline actually crosses over the previous books in the series, starting right after the end of book 3, and intersecting books 4 and 5 heavily. It’s a big departure from the sweetness of Theory of Resonance, but if you’re the kind of person who likes a bit of sour to balance out the sweet, you’ll be sure to love it.


About the Author:

SHANNON A. HINER lives in far Northern California with her feline roommate, Pangur Ban. She attended and graduated from Butte College in Oroville, CA. Having believed in faeries, vampires & all sorts of immortal creatures her entire life, it came as no surprise to her family and friends when she started writing down her stories in a grossly exaggerated fashion.

After finishing her first book in 2009, Submerged In Darkness, she realized she had written not the first book of many, but the last in an epic series. Since that time, she has been laboring to write & publish all prior books.

She wishes you would stalk follow her on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram where you can enjoy quotes from works in progress, grammar puns, music that inspires and irregular updates on future works.

AND as a special treat, Shannon was nice enough to share a teaser excerpt with us!

She held the phone to her ear and reached to open the door. Her hand met only air. She looked up quickly, and stopped. Errin was holding the door open for her. She turned around to look behind her. Only a few students were walking about yet. Class had been let out a couple minutes early and everyone seemed to be taking their time before stepping out into the cold. That didn't explain how Errin had come from behind her, silently, and gotten in front to open the door.

"Bree?" he said, standing there and having the gall not to look the least bit sheepish, or cold even, as he wore no gloves, scarf, or hat.

"How did you do that?" she asked loudly, her surprise making her slightly shrill.

Errin tilted his head at her, like a bird regarding a deranged squirrel. "Do what?"

"You were back there. Behind me. Now—?"

"Excuse me," someone muttered irritably behind her, and pushed past to walk out the door Errin still held open. A look of rage crossed Errin's face so quickly she might have imagined it. It was the first show of temper Bree had witnessed from him. The air seemed to shiver and darken around him.

Bree took an instinctive step back.

When Errin turned to her again, his face was utterly different, full of his good humor and warmth. He stepped back through the door and reached for her arm the way one might reach for an excited horse which could bolt. "Bree, seeing as we are headed in the same direction, might I walk you to your car again? Assuming, of course, you have parked in the same area."

Bree had never been fanciful. She had meant what she’d said earlier about not being creative, as much as she hated to admit it. She had no talent for fiction, and the only thing she could illustrate was a well-defined scientific principle…so where had that thought come from? Air couldn't darken or shiver…

Someone must have walked in front of a lamp, there was a breeze from outside. Errin couldn't possibly radiate danger with a single glance. That was ridiculous.

Bree took a deep breath, staring at Errin's face. Her mind had worked through the facts, but her heart needed more assurance. His brows, dark blond and rather thick, were drawn together in concern. His mouth, expressive lips and the barely perceptible new growth of beard, was pursed somewhere between a smile and a quizzical frown. His eyes, light hazel and filled with warmth, made her feel as if he regarded her with especial fondness.

Utterly nonsensical, her mind ridiculed her heart. But her heart was convinced she was safe. She had experienced a brief fanciful moment. It hit her so hard because she wasn't used to it. That was it. That must have been it.

Intrigued? Well, you better go pre-order this book:

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, there is a rafflecopter giveaway going on until July 23, 2019.

With the grand prize shown below, and runner up prizes that include e-books

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