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Book Review: Asrian Skies by Anne Wheeler

Genre: Science Fiction

Pages: 302

Rating: 5/5 stars

Summary: Just before Avery is set to become a Commonwealth fighter pilot, political unrest pulls her back to Asria. With the Haederan Empire waging war from the skies and her personal life in shambles, she hardly has time to consider what she should do. But when fate forces her into the position of Commonwealth intelligence officer, she must confront her fears and decide if her future lies closer to home and the faith she has tried so hard to run from.

Another fantastic book by a fellow turtle writer! So, just a little disclaimer, I read the sequel first (it works as a stand-alone, but there are spoilers for book 1 in it), but after reading the sequel, I had to have the first one.

This character-driven space opera had me losing sleep and almost walking into traffic (I know, reading and walking is ill-advised but I couldn’t put it down). It’s fast-paced, with the stakes being constantly raised and the world feels so very real, without being overbearing.

It’s written with from a close 3rd perspective, and the voice is masterfully done. The main protagonist is so real and complicated. She’s faced with competing desires and responsibilities and it’s easy to relate to her on that level. It’s nice to see a main character who is strong, but still shows her moments of weakness and uses her quick-wit and intelligence to get out of trouble (and sometimes into it as well). It made it so much easier to relate to her as her world was falling down around her ears.

There are so many great characters in this book, including an antagonist who I have a lot of trouble hating. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Anne revealed that her characters are actually real people because they have just that much depth. The characterization is effortless, revealed slowly and deliberately, with each character having their own competing desires.

I highly recommend this to anyone who loves sci-fi, but prefers character-driven books.

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If you want to know more about Anne Wheeler’s work check out the links below:

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