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Drowned Country by Emily Tesh


by Emily Tesh

Rating: 4/5

Pages: 176

Series: The Greenhollow Duology #2

Genre: Fantasy

Release Date: August 18, 2020


ISBN: 9781250756602

Price: $13.99 (USD)

In this lush follow up to Silver in the Wood, Henry Silver is summoned by his mother, practical folkorist, to help find a missing girl—with the aid of his once lover, Tobias Finch. Their quest takes them to the seaside town of Rothport, where they find the extent of the ancient wood, now drowned in the sea, and underneath lies an ancient and greedy power.

So, I’ll make this one short and sweet, cause that’s what this book was! Overall, I really enjoyed it. I think it actually worked for me a little better than the first. I enjoyed the plot, and think Maud was a really fun character and Mrs. Silver has really worked her way into my heart, she just seems like a tough old bird who does what she wants and I like that. I also loved the way the faeries in this book were, they were the sort of creepy and dangerous faeries that I’m really drawn to. And of course, as I did with the first one, I loved the atmospheric and lush description of the wood.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting this novella to pick up where it did, but I did appreciate the little flashbacks that were rolled out throughout the book to provide context. And I think it worked to make the ending much more satisfying. And of course, I did find myself more invested in Silver and Tobias’ relationship than I expected—the pining was really on point in this book.

So, I didn’t end up reviewing the first book in the duology, but I did read and enjoy it! So, if this one seems like it’ll be interesting, definitely check out the first one, Silver in the Wood, Tesh’s writing is beautiful and very atmospheric!


Emily Tesh is an Astounding Award and Crawford Award Finalist, and the Greenhollow Duology is her debut duology. Silver in the Wood was a 2020 World Fantasy Award Finalist and an ALA RUSA Reading List Selection. You can learn more about Emily Tesh here.

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