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Fruits of the Gods by William C. Tracy

Rating: 4/5 stars

Pages: 425

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Ninestar Press

Release Date: April 15, 2019

When sisters Kisare and Belili uncover an ancient box in their owner’s orchard, they discover something that has the potential to turn everything about their world on its head—a fifth godfruit in a world where there’s only supposed to be four. When what they’ve done is discovered, Kisare and Belili must run for their lives. But they find allies among a reclusive group who are struggling to keep their culture and technology alive in turbulent times.

As the importance of this discovery finally settles on their shoulders, they opt to impersonate nobles and infiltrate the highest levels of noble society in a plot to use to the fifth godfruit to bring harmony to their world, but their path is far from easy and they’ll have to decipher ancient myths to understand the path the gods have set their people on.


*** Thanks to Netgalley and Ninestar Press for providing me with an eARC of this book. ***

With a unique magic system, and stellar writing, this book is definitely not one to miss.

My absolute favourite part of this book is the magic system. The idea of eating fruit to be able to cast magic is one I haven’t encountered before, and it imposes a whole new system of rules for accessing magic. Add in the complication of different hair colours getting different abilities from eating the fruit, and it’s fantastic. I am very glad that the book came with a handy little guide for keeping the abilities base on fruit and hair colour straight, cause I definitely needed it. The other thing I loved about the book was the writing. I find William Tracy’s writing so easy to get lost in, and he definitely delivered with this book.

Where I found myself falling a little out of love was with the characters. I generally found myself cheering for Kisare and Belili, but I’ll admit there was places where they didn’t feel fully formed, and there was a twist that I felt kind of came out of the blue, though it’s certainly possible that if I were to read the book again, I would notice the breadcrumbs.

All in all, a fantastic read with excellent magic and beautiful writing.

I’d recommend this to fantasy lovers, and especially those who are looking for more diversity and like to encounter new magic systems!

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