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Oh, is it November already?

Ah, how long has it been since I gave an update?

A while. And since tomorrow is November, I figure it’s timely to share what I’ve been up to and what I’m doing for November and what my plans after that are.

So, exciting news in the writing front (for me anyway lol). Erut’s choice is nearing completion. I’m just tying up some last loose ends, doing some final edits and a proofread and then it’s gonna get sent off to my betas and I’m gonna try to forget about it for a while. And for those who are eager to hear where my word count is at…. *drum roll* so far I’m down to around 134k, which I’m very proud of and still cutting words from. I think I will end around 126-128k when all is said and done, not quite where I wanted, but we’ll see what comments my betas have and maybe more will get cut. If not…. It’ll be onto querying in the new year!

And I know y’all are going, wait, if you’re gonna finish that book, Cheyanne, what are you going to do with your life???

Fair question. Turns out that life continues, even after you finish the book that you’ve been writing for *ahem* 14 years *ahem* I mean. A really really long time.

And the answer is, as always, move onto the next project.

And for NaNoWriMo, my goal is to finish my epic. I’m still gonna aim for 50k written, but I’m also going to be proofing Erut’s Choice during November, so I might not quite make that target, and I don’t think the book will actually need that much to finish up. And of course, once the first draft of my epic is done, I’m gonna need to let it rest.

While the epic is resting, I’m gonna work on my weird fairy tale, which has only a loose premise (about 2k written right now) and no world-building sussed out, so should be fun! So far, I have a couple sisters and their camp dog heading into another dimension in search of their uncle. There’s some magic happenings and some general weird and I’m hoping it only gets more bizarre, but we’ll see what it turns into once I finally get into the story.

AND that’s what’s new with me…

What have you been up to?

What are you working on for nano, or if you're not doing nano, what are your goals for November?

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