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Writing Update

Ah! It’s been a while since I gave a proper update, so here I am!

So, in exciting news. Erut’s Choice is done. And by done I mean, I have taken this book as far as I can on my own, and now I’m looking for an agent for it. So that process is going to be exciting and terrifying. The final word count was 123,000 and I beat my goal word-count, and cut just over 30,000 words from it. Honestly, no matter what happens, I'm incredibly proud of the work I've put into this book.

As for other things, I have a couple announcements:

So, since I’ve been writing more book reviews lately and working on getting more views on them, I’ve decided to use my newsletter to send out a monthly recap of the books I’ve reviewed. I mostly read science fiction and fantasy, and I try to focus on books that are coming out soon. You can sign up for it here.

And, I am still working on pulling together some sort of world-building series, to talk about how I world-build and how my archaeology background affects that, but since I am both a baby writer and a baby archaeologist, I am a little loath to give advice. I’m working on how to present what I do and think about, without seeming like I’m being like ‘this is the right way’. Cause, let’s be honest. I don’t know that what I do is the ‘right’ way or if there even is a ‘right’ way.

And Camp NaNoWriMo!

I’m going to be working on drafting a new book! Wooohooo. I'm going to be working on my weird fairy tale - about a pair of sisters who go realm hopping to save their uncle. I'm going for kind of like Sabriel, but with more a whimsically dark tone than just a straight up dark tone. Also, it's going to be adult versus young adult. So far, my loose goal is set at 50,000 words, but I am hoping to get most of a draft done (we'll see how long the book ends up, but I'm not planning for it to be long).

Anyway! That’s what’s new with me! Hope everything is good with all of you!

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