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Pale Kings by Micah Yongo

Rating: 4/5 stars

Pages: 368

Genre: Fantasy

Series: Lost Gods (#2)

Publisher: Angry Robot

Release Date: August 13, 2019

When the gods return to claim their world, the Five Realms will fall, in this earth-shaking epic fantasy thriller from the author of Lost Gods

For centuries the Five Lands have been at peace, but now a nameless enemy is tearing apart their borders. When a young assassin, Neythan, is summoned to Súnam, he expects to help uncover the enemy, but is instead confronted with secrets from his forgotten childhood, all somehow linked to the ancient scroll he has always carried. As the invasion continues, and the supernatural forces responsible are unveiled, Neythan must learn the truth about the power that lies in his blood... before it is too late.

(blurb as found on goodreads)


** Thank you to Netgalley and Angry Robot books for providing me with an eARC of this book**

I’m a little torn on this book, because I enjoyed the first one quite a bit (even given the rather problematic killing of a disabled character as motivation for the MC.). But this one, just didn’t hold my attention that well. Especially given it’s one of those rare sequels where I actually read it immediately after the first one.

There are aspects that are still interesting to me, like I think the worldbuilding is fantastic, and there's clearly a lot of depth to it. But I didn’t connect with any of the characters much. Like, it should’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, especially given that ending, but I just didn’t care enough. Not sure where the disconnect was, but yeah, that’s about where I stand on this one. Great ending, should have held my attention, didn't for some reason!

But even so, the ending was solid enough that I'll definitely read the next one!

I’ll still recommend that anyone who loves epic fantasy try this one out, it’s got the political intrigue and high stakes that so many people enjoy, and I suspect others will connect with the characters more.

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