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The Phantom's Curse by Shelley Wilson

Rating: 2/5

Pages: 208

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: BHC press

Release Date: June 11, 2020


When sixteen-year-old healer Marianne and her brother venture into the city of Obanac, her brother is wrongfully imprisoned, and the lord who has the power to release him wants Marianne to sacrifice herself instead. Unable to do that, but desperate to save her brother, she turns to outside sources for help. But the threat of an old evil is rising in Obanac, and in order to stop it, Maria6nne will have to learn who she really is and embrace the rising power within herself.


** Thanks to NetGalley and BHC for providing me with an eARC of this book**

Well, I'm gonna keep this short and sweet since this book just really missed the mark for me. I really liked the premise and thought it could be good, but honestly, it just felt like an incomplete draft. Like, the world needed a more fleshing out, and there were some definite pacing problems, and I just didn’t connect with the characters.

Overall, there were some interesting ideas there, but I just don’t think they were executed well, and there could’ve been so much more done with it. And by more, I honestly felt like so much of this story was just… “this happened, and then this happened. And then this happened….” On and on and on to the end, which just lacked tension for me. Honestly, by that point I just didn’t care, I just wanted the book to be over. Anyway. That’s enough whining on my part. It was really not for me.

So in terms of who I would recommend this one to… I just don’t think I would. It’s a quick read, and if you don't mind fast-paced books that aren't super fleshed out, check it out.

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